Upcoming Graduate Classes

Summer 2024

New Testament Introduction

Dr. Stephen Smith

New Testament Introduction introduces the New Testament’s literature, methods of New Testament study, and critical issues in formation and interpretation.

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BITH 501 || Biblical Theology & Exegesis

Integration of Christian Faith and Counseling Theory

Dr. Andrew Graham

An investigation of the various perspectives on the integration of Christian faith and counseling theory.

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PRTH 530 || Practical Theology, Christian Counseling

Miracles, Resurrection and the Afterlife

Dr. Mark Bird

This course addresses philosophical objections to the possibility of miracles, elaborates on the logic of and evidence for the resurrection of Christ (the greatest miracle of all), and evaluates claims of near death experiences, purporting to give glimpses into life after death.

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PRTH 573 || Practical Theology, Apologetics

Graduate Program Calendar

    Spring 2024 Dates

    • May 4th: Spring Classes End
    • May 17th: Graduate Breakfast & Commencement Practice (Optional)
    • May  18th: Commencement

    Summer 2024 Dates

    • May  27th: Classes Convene
    • June 1st: Fall Application Deadline
    • July 1-6th: Summer Break
    • July 27th: Classes End

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